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Our peer support groups that are affiliated with FASS focus on family support, kinship care, and bereavement support which provides a valuable platform for individuals to connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges and emotions. We have several groups spread across Glasgow. To see what's going on in your area, please give us a call on 0141 737 3699.

Types of Groups

Family Support Groups

Join our peer-led family support groups at Family Addiction Support Service, where understanding, empathy, and guidance flourish. Led by individuals who have walked similar paths, these groups offer a safe space for families affected by addiction to share, learn, and support one another. Connect with others who understand your journey and gain strength from shared experiences. Together, we navigate challenges and find hope in solidarity.

Bereavement Support Groups

Discover solace in our peer support-led bereavement groups at Family Addiction Support Service. Designed for those grieving the loss of a loved one due to alcohol or drugs, these groups offer understanding, empathy, and guidance. Connect with others who share similar experiences and find comfort in shared journeys. Our supportive community provides a safe space to navigate grief and find healing. Join us as we journey together towards healing and hope.

Kinship Support Groups

Find understanding and empowerment in our peer-led kinship carer groups at Family Addiction Support Service. Tailored for those affected by alcohol or drug addiction, our supportive community offers empathy, guidance, and practical support. Connect with fellow kinship carers facing similar challenges and discover strength in shared experiences. Join us for a safe space to navigate caregiving complexities and foster resilience.


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